Its A Cake Thing

Pricing Guide and General Info

All cakes are baked from scratch.  No cake mixes used.  Each and every cake is carefully handcrafted specifically to suit your needs.


The cost of a cake is dependent on a few factors.  It depends on the size, how it will be served (ie dessert slice or coffee/finger slice) and the complexity of the design. 

When it comes to 3D and novelty cakes, the major factor is the amount of time it takes to create them.  These cakes are generally quite complex and therefore time consuming.  Hence, the higher pricing.  Serving sizes may differ depending on the shape of these cakes.


There is a minimum of $100 per order.  It can be any combination (eg, cupcakes, macarons, cake pops, etc). 

Macarons : Minimum of 20 pcs (1 flavour, 1 colour)

Cake pops : Minimum dozen 

Cupcakes : Minimum dozen 


Dessert slices are generally 2" x 1" x height of cake. 

Coffee/finger slices are 1" x 1" x height of cake (ie half the size of a dessert slice).

Size portions will differ in regards to 2D/3D cakes due to the shape of the cake.


When picking up a cake, it's best to place it on a flat surface, ie. the floor or the boot.  Have a non-slip mat under the cake to avoid slippage during transport.

Keep cakes in a cool environment and avoid direct sunlight (most preferably in an air-conditioned room especially during hot weather).  The cakes don't require refrigeration otherwise the icing may sweat and the colours may start to blead/run.


Pick-up : available by arrangement (located at Concord, 2137).  Pick-up only during weekdays.  Once a cake has been picked-up, Its A Cake Thing is no longer liable for any occurrence to the cake thereafter. 

Deliveries : available only after 1pm Saturdays and by arrangement on Sundays.  Delivery charges apply according to location.


A 2 week notice is highly recommended for any cake.  To ensure that your order is accommodated and to avoid disappointment book and confirm your orders as soon as possible.

Wedding cakes need to be given a minimum of 4-6 weeks notice.


Payment is by bank transfer.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking.  Balance owing is payable and must be cleared a week before the event.