Its A Cake Thing


All cakes are covered in fondant icing.  

Fillings : Dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache.  The use of white chocolate ganache is seasonal (ie. only offered during cooler months)


     Choose from : dark chocolate, white, mocha, caramel                             

Vanilla Butter Cake

Marble Cake

     Choose from : * mud-based    ... white chocolate mud with dark chocolate swirls

                                                ... white chocolate mud with raspberry swirls

                         * butter-based  ... buttercake with dark chocolate swirls

                                                ... buttercake with raspberry swirls

Banana Flavoured Butter Cake (seasonal)

Chocolate Cake

Cupcake flavours

Cupcakes are either covered with buttercream swirl or fondant.  Toppers and additional design incur additional fee.

* Vanilla buttercake

* Chocolate

* Mudcake

* Banana buttercake


Macarons start from $2.50ea with a minimum order of a 20pcs, 1 colour, 1 flavour.

Some flavours include :

* Chocolate, Hazelnut, Salted caramel,  Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Boysenberry and Lime, Coconut ... the list is endless.  Check out our Facebook page under "Macaron Flavours".

Cake Pops

Chocolate mudcake mixed in with chocolate gancahe is the base unless otherwise specified.